Create Your Custom Design With Stone Tiles!

A custom job done in your home is definitely intimidating not only for the homeowners but for anyone who steps into your home. The choice of materials, textures, surface and colours you play around with creates the sophisticated touch to your place. If you are looking for revamping your home, and add texture to it then let us suggest you, stone tiles is the best choice of tiles to invest in, because no wallpaper or floor paper will replicate that look! The nature offers the best stone tiles for you to pick from and create a lot of confusion from the variety it has to offer. Continue reading to help us guide you and pick the right stone for your space.  

Limestone Tile – If you’re looking to design a grand entrance to your place, with shiny floors, limestone stiles will be your pick then. These can be easily polished and also helps to radiate heat. One another advantage of this is the tile doesn’t require much maintenance. It comes in hues of black, green and blue, and from white to beige.  

Travertine – This stone tile is all about the texture than colours. The beige colour and the motley texture will help your bathroom tiles in Sydney or kitchen give a roman vibe. One advantage want these cheap tiles in Sydney is they come in perfect 90 degree cut. To maintain its texture, we suggest you to install in places where there is less moisture or place it vertically as backsplash. 

Granite – One of the popular choice amongst the homeowners is Granite stone. Undoubtedly, it is because the textures, colour palette, the long durability and affordable price, becomes a great combination for homeowners.    

Sandstone – While sandstone offers a striking appearance and a soft texture, however it demands care to maintain that.  Add some warmth feel you your living room with a wall of sand stone stacked meticulously together.  

Stack Stone tiles – Nothing better can define your walls and add contrast to it than stack stone tiles. These tiles comes in various colours of slate, sandstone, and quartz. You play with lights and the stock stone texture, you have a piece of art on your wall! Here’s a tip for where you can install these as an outdoor or an indoor feature or better yet as a water feature. 

A striking stone decoration can definitely transform your home design in to a beautiful piece of an art, and definitely creating a sight not to be forgotten. While there are different style of natural stone options to choose from, you have limitless designs where you can put them together. If you have any difficulty to design your space with all limitless options we have for you, why not visit our store and let us advice you to pick the best match to put together your project afar from your expectations.  tiles-bathroom