February 2019

New Year- New You With Changes!

Another New Year has dawned. As usual people all over the world have resolutions for the New Year. They all want to be a new person with changes. Some resolve to go to the gym and reduce weight, some think of taking up higher education, some want to get married or have a baby! Meanwhile, some are vary about New Year resolutions because they famously last a few weeks at most. However, remember that changing yourself as a person is not the only way to see things in a new perspective.

Add or change your safe haven

One’s own house is the safest place on earth for anyone. At the end of a tiresome day, it is where you go to see their loved one’s faces, put their feet up and have some hot coffee or a cold beer. It may be a house you bought or one you built. Either way, with time it gets worn down. You are used to seeing it so much that you are aware of every nook and corner of it. How about changing the most familiar place for you, for the New Year? You can plan for a new bathroom design Gungahlin or adding a different wing to the house. Maybe try adding a small garden. You can also combine your personal new year resolutions with a new look for the house!

How to kill two birds in one stone

Assume your New Year resolution is to lose weight. What are the plans for it? One way to make that happen and to design a new look for the house is to create a garden for it. That way, you can work in the garden to make your body work. At first, take it slow; first and second days just engage in removing weeds and choosing what you are going to plant. With practice you can start preparing beds. Search in the internet to see what type of beds are suitable for what you are planting, if they are flowers it could be better planted in pots first. You can try hanging pots to increase the aesthetics as well. With more and more hard work with the tools you can go for bigger beds and more varieties such as vegetables or herbs which you can use in your own kitchen for a healthy meal as well.

Plan the change

New Year resolution to change the way you look, renovate the house or starting a new garden, you must have a proper plan to do it right. If you are planning a renovation, for example, make a budget and decide on the renovation costs. Do not exceed that amount as house repairs are not exactly an investment. Check this site will help you about renovation to give a best results.

However if you are going for a garden, since it can benefit in more than one way, it is okay to spend some serious money on that. But again make sure you work on it continuously so the expected results are received. Have a resolution to stick to your resolution! That way you can’t go wrong with taking your life to a new arena.