May 2019

Maintenance Tips For Domestic Cooler Units

One of the most important and utilized appliances within a kitchen area can be specified as the icebox, which commonly is the largest consumer of energy within a household. Keeping the units in optimum condition not only guarantees reduced power consumption but also extends the life of the unit.Compiled below are useful tips in ensuring the refrigeration unit\’s lifespan is extended over the timeline generally specified by any manufacturer for awareness purposes?

Defrosting – With various new brands and models complete with self defrosting setups, older units require unplugging of power to allow melting process to take place. The water is channelled through the unit into a tray placed at the bottom for collection and disposal within older units.

Interior Cleaning – Generally recommended on weekly basis, planning a cleaning process to suit is advised as spills and crumbs tend to collect within units over time. Usage of damp cloth to wipe down the interior is advised in maintaining a clean refrigerator.

Rubber door seal – The rubber outline on the component doors also called gaskets are critical in maintaining cool air within and locking out warm air from the outside. Usage of a universal cleaner such as concentrated sprays is recommended by electrolux fridge repairs or electrolux refrigerator repairs and various specialists within the industry for efficient operations to continue. Over time, the gaskets tend to loosen and weaken eventually requiring replacement if not maintained. Ignorance in this regards can result in higher energy costs, with simple solutions of replacement completed easily through reputed service providers.

Deodorize – Usage of odour removal deodorizes specifically designed for cooling units is recommended in comparison to usage of baking soda and 50 times more effective lasting 6 months in general.

Condenser Unit Servicing – coils within the condenser unit is mainly responsible for the removal of heat within cooling units located at the bottom or behind. With dust constantly clinging onto the condenser coils, the process of heat removal can be faulty or cooling process being low. The impact on energy consumption at this stage can be high without periodical cleaning causing costly refrigerator repairs Melbourne eventually. The cleaning process can be completed with usage of a long handled bristle brush or vacuum cleaner which generally is stipulated within user manuals of units.

With focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring cooler storage units are cleaned regularly and maintained is critical due to various bacteria and viruses that could incubate within and contaminate food products subsequently in the case of failure to maintain units in optimum conditions. After all, cleanliness is considered next to godliness and healthy food stored in a clean environment accounts for a safe food for a healthy lifestyle.