Different Types Of Beds

If you are on the lookout to purchase a new bed, then you need to consider size, durability and if there are storage compartments available. The focus of your bedroom is the bed and therefore, the design of the bed is vital. It has been studied that an individual spends one third of his or her life on the bed. Hence, it becomes one of the most important furniture pieces that was ever created. Your energy level for the next day is determined by how much of sleep you get in the night. If you get less hours of sleep that what is required by the human body, you tend to be very lethargic during the next day. Here are a few types of beds that can be found in a furniture shop.

Guest bed

A guest bed makes more sleeping space in a bedroom. It has been designed for those kids who stay overnight at a sleepover at their friend’s place which has an additional mattress that can rolled out and put back under the bed after. It has legs that are spring assisted which allows the additional bed pad to be brought to the same level as the main frame. Another additional benefit is that it can be turned from a single occupancy sleep pad into a double. There are also guest beds which can be folded and put away into tight corners which is an added advantage.

Divan bed

This is one of the most simplest designs ever created for your sleeping pad as it is made up with only two main parts; the base remains standing on gliders or castors with storage spaces in the base and a best upholstered headboard in Sydney can be used to complete the entire look. There are two types of divans which is platform edge and sprung edge. This works well with latex or non-spring memory foam bed pads.

Sleigh beds

This type of finest bed frame has been adapting to the designs throughout the years. They have feet with a sophisticated design, with beautiful curves and a headboard that makes a clear statement. This style brings about a French ambience to the bedroom. There are variations with mahogany, leather and classic frames.


This is bedframe is available in wood or leather and is the best for storage. The entire space beneath the bed pad can be used as a storage space and the frame can be lifted easily to get access to the stowage space.

There are other designs of beds such as mid sleeper, cabin, day, bunk, wooden, antique and tv beds. So it’s time to choose your preference after you do your research.