Foolproof Safety Features For Your Home

A couple of years ago, a burglar got inside our home while we were asleep, they were able to nab valuable and invaluable things that just tormented us after the we found out it was gone. The police’s finding was that they were able to break through our garage because the doors were only made out of wood. I don’t want any of you guys to experiene what we went through, here’s how we upgraded our home to secure not only our belongings but also our lives.

Clean it up

Do check on every mechanisms that make the garage door work. It would be best to clean it out first, remove all the dirt or debris from tracks and apply a small amount of lubricants to the hinges, springs, bearings, and rollers. If all of these fail then maybe it’s time to do the following.

Garage doors

Our garage door was built by my father and when he found out that the thieves used it to facilitate their entry, he blamed himself for putting his family in danger, which was not really his fault. The following day, he bought a garage door replacement for our garage that made was more secured than the wooden ones since it was now made out of steel. Our garage door was their way to get in, which became my parents’ first priortiy, after having been replaced, we all felt a big sigh of relief in chest.


Installing the rolling door of course was a great benefit for us, but the police recommended that it would also be best if we replaced some of our doors because some of them had glasses which burglars could break and easily turn the knob and enter. So my father also replaced it with a thick solid wooden door with deadlock that was tough which would be hard for anyone to break in.

Alarm system

In addition to the doors, we also placed in every door an alarm device so that whenever an intruder comes in and steal from us we would be able to hear right away that someone is in our house. It wasn’t really a high-tech one, we only got the ones that have a string attached to the device and when it detaches it would ring instantaneously, it’s not much and not like those million dollar homes but it is still effective.


In case that all of these upgrades fail, we still have something that can provide us with videos that would help the authorities to find anyone that tries to steal from our home again. Having cctv cameras around our home felt more comforting because of the fact that it is able to keep an eye of our house as well as when we are asleep or when we are all away.

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