How To Protect Your Home From Pests

A home with pests is as good as living in the woods. As fun as it is to camp out in the woods, one thing any person hates is being prey to the bugs and pests living there. When your home is one like that, then there is certainly no peace of mind that you are ever going to feel when you get home. So the only thing you can do is to protect it from them. Here are some tips to help you out.

Keep windows sealed

The easiest way for bugs and pests to enter your home is through the windows. They would crawl up with their tiny scrawny feet and find some corner to settle down in. The next minute you see, their entire family and generations are all hidden away and eating all your stuff. This is especially a problem with termites, and when things get worse you up end having to ring up termite control Geelong to check and filter your entire home. Regardless of whether it is termites or not, bugs have always found a way to come in. So you need to make sure all entrances are sealed, and this starts from your windows. Make sure the wires are in place and not jutting out, holes are all covered and sealed and the screen is not torn. This way you can prevent them coming in to your home at least to a certain extent.

Check your doors

Most doors, especially the frames easily rot away because of the rain or improper pest inspections Werribee and these are like the easy entrances for these bugs to get in. so inspect these frames and doors well and replace them before time. another easy entrance for these bugs is through the gaps between the door and the floor. Yes, even these little spaces are more than enough for them to crawl all over your home. so set up a door sweep to cover the gap between the two.

Use sliding doors

One thing with sliding doors is that, they don’t have the gap at the bottom with the floor like ordinary wooden doors do. And, this prevents the bugs from finding potential spaces to crawl in. So, install sliding doors with vinyl sliding to prevent easy entrance for them.

Do inspections

You should always be on alert on the wooden boards covering your patio, the door frames, windows frames and other spaces that are potential places through which these creatures can crawl through. So make sure that you regularly check around your home.
Use the above tips and prevent bugs entering your home at any cost!

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